To cultivate creativity and progress, teams require versatile spaces that are more appealing and conducive to developing their work

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Our design of furniture makes working atmosphere elegant, it encourages connecting people. This is a versatile desk-based system which can be arranged in any configuration. Our economical solution for modern workplaces provides an easy access to power, phone and data cabling.

Conceal workstations

Our Conceal workstations is designed for users that need a balance between privacy and collaboration. This arrangement provides users with individual spaces and are customizable to fitting requirement, atmosphere and ethos of each user’s workspace.

Sync Workstations

Sync Workstation provide employees adequately private individual spaces with modern, customizable aesthetics. They bring together elements of simplicity and functionality to generate a positive and creative workspace. The office space can be configured, as required, to incorporate semi-private areas that foster dialogues.

Associate Workstations

Associate series offers contemporary, open space office systems where creative ideas are brought to life. Built for clients who value the voice and contribution of each employee, these open office desk systems promote interaction and collaboration in the workplace.

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