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The Future of Kitchens

A survey of industry professionals predicts future trends in global home kitchen design. Forever Modulars has tried to list down some of them for our readers.

1) The kitchen as a hub

We often refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home, and it will continue to be a hub of activity and a gathering place. Indeed, the kitchen of the future will increasingly become more social and multi-functional, as a space for family and friends to spend time together, a place to cook and eat, and as a place to work.

2) Open and integrated planning

As the kitchen becomes ever more multi-functional and social, it will continue to be open and integrated with living and dining areas, rather than closed off as an independent room. Australian kitchens are already leading the world on this front, and it seems there is no looking back.

3) More efficient and sustainable

Technological changes will undoubtedly affect kitchen design and use. The report finds that Australians’ high priorities are faster and more efficient methods of cooking, appliances that save energy, and taps that reduce water consumption.

4) Responsive lighting

Lighting will be important in creating a space for relaxing and supporting our wellbeing. Intelligent lighting will be variable to match the time of day, mood or even type of food being cooked.

5) Connectivity and smarter appliances As the internet becomes crucial to many activities in our lives, it will also play a role in the kitchen. The report suggests smart appliances will be internet-connected and manageable from mobile and wearable devices. In the kitchen of the future, we’ll be able to check recipes on the refrigerator door (in fact the Samsung Family Hub already has shopping, recipe and organisational apps on a screen on the front door). Our blender might ‘talk’ to our fridge to plan a nutritious smoothie based on what’s on hand, and we’ll be able to turn on the oven from work so the roast is ready by the time we get home.

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