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Modular vs Carpenter Made kitchen: A Comparison

The kitchen is considered as the heart and important part of the house. There are various numbers of options available for furniture so we rather get confused as to which option to select especially for the kitchen area. There were days in past where one would adopt traditional method of building furniture by contacting the local carpenter for making their furniture or would visit the furniture showrooms for their needs of furniture and order accordingly.


(a) Modular Kitchen

01. Easy to install: One of the interesting features of a modular kitchen is that it can be easily installed. 02. The manufacturing of modular kitchens takes place in factories, and they come as ready-to-install. So, it offers you the easiness to practically shift the entire modular kitchen when you move or shift your house. 03. Ease of customization: Smooth modular kitchens are designed keeping in mind the needs of customer. Depending on your needs, available space and personal preferences, you can get your kitchen customized in the limits of your budget. 04. Theme and colour: You can coordinate your kitchen theme and colour or go for a design that compliments or matches with the theme of your house.

05.Storage capacity: With efficient and proper planning by professional kitchen planners, these kitchens provide more storage and better work flow with easy and smooth pace

(b) Carpenter Kitchen

01. Carpenters are easier to approach and are locally available as this is quite familiar technique and traditional way of building a kitchen. 02. These carpenters are more flexible with pricing of the kitchen built-up so they are quite budget friendly comparatively.


(a) Modular Kitchen

01. Modular kitchen is known for its quality which always come with a price, so it will be quite costlier than carpenter-made kitchen 02. Regular cleaning of the surfaces is required to prevent the fading and dullness of the modular furniture. Installation and repair of pre-fabricated cabinets need technical assistance for it.

(b) Carpenter Kitchen

01. As it is usually hand-made the quality and finishing is of concern in this aspect. 02. This type of construction involves fixing of cabinets and furniture permanently which is quite tedious or impossible for further use after dismantling of it. 03. The cost keeps on fluctuating and varying in case of carpenter made kitchens 04. Modular kitchen has a technique of edge banding in which the sharp edges are avoided giving the clear and sleek look whereas in this case it is not possible to achieve this look.

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