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Modular Kitchen 2.0 "Secret sauce of Kitchen ergonomics "

Kitchen is broadly classified into five different zones. The kitchen ergonomics revolve around these five zones. You can have a flexible work zone by organizing the different zones to work at ease.

  1. Consumables food

  2. Non-consumable food

  3. Cleaning Area

  4. Preparation zone

  5. Cooking zone


The concept of kitchen work triangle plays a major role in kitchen ergonomics. The distance at which you arrange the hob, sink and fridge needs to be taken into consideration. You need to minimize walking back and forth between these areas to save energy and time. For optimum efficiency the kitchen work triangle distance needs to be kept at a minimum.

The next important aspect is having enough free countertop space for food preparation.A good kitchen layout and uninterrupted work flow space improves the efficiency of kitchen.

Kitchen Storage tips

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