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How we make our products @ Forever Modulars

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Crafting Modular excellence. We believe in automating the entire process from design to installation, bringing you quality modular solutions built with zero errors.

Our modular products come with a 5-year warranty because of the confidence we have in our cabinets. Here is the entire lifecycle of Forever Modulars furniture :

1. Design right

It all starts with capturing your dreams. Our digital platform – ArtiCAD – helps create 2D drawings in less than half the time required with traditional design tools. ArtiCAD then also converts 2D to 3D designs to help you visualize your future home

2. Materials that withstand time & pressure

The adventure begins with the search for the finest raw materials. Sourcing is done only from suppliers with the highest standards. Materials then undergo stringent testing, nothing is taken for granted and what you get is only the best.

3. Precision in manufacturing

Bond of life-time

Our pasting technology now takes stage. The mighty engineered glue is evenly applied with a roller. The finishes are then cold-pressed to the panels to ensure superior bubble-free bonds, thus making certain that they are happily stuck to each other for life.

Creating the perfect cut

Things are beginning to take shape now. The German panel saw takes it upon itself (with no manual intervention) to cut the panels with hairline precision. And we must admit, it does an exceptional job.

Sealing it for life

Our thrufeed technology uses an edge banding machine to seal the edges with thermoplastic glue. Now, moisture has no way to enter the panel ensuring the panel lasts long. The sharp edges are then smoothened out using a laser sensor.

Getting the bores right

Guessing where to drill holes during installation creates undue drama like bad fits, tilted units or other compromises during installation. Our Multibore machines guarantee error-free drills and furniture that works beautifully.

4. Perfection Via inspection

This is where we ensure your story gets a joyful ending. A dedicated team checks every single panel for the minutest of faults – like scratches, chip-offs, air pockets, sharp edges and errors in dimensions and colour shades – so that every cabinet you get is flawless.

5. Reliable packaging

The panels that triumph the quality checks are flat-packed. Special care is taken to safeguard glass shutters. Further, corner protectors, corrugated cardboard, bubble-wrap and tested packing procedures ensure zero damage during transit.

6. Swift installation

Finally, the modular pieces reach where they really belong. The cabinets are seamlessly assembled by our trained and certified experts, at a speed that almost makes it seem like magic.

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