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8 Stunning Kitchen Tile Designs That You Need to look at Right Now!

Explore a variety of materials, prints and colours

Kitchen backsplashes are no longer just something to save your walls from curry splatter and oil spills. It’s become the hottest new focal point of kitchens, which we love indulging in! With a variety of kitchen tiles design from porcelain to glass and tiles to wood, the options are aplenty.

Here are some of our favourite backsplash-kitchen cabinet combinations. They can be complementary or contrasting in colour or design, but every time, the effect is stunning.

#1: Morrocan tiles

Wouldn’t you just love to work in this kitchen? On gloomy days, this Moroccan inspired backsplash in myriad hues will brighten your mood!

#2: Origami prints

This is such a fun idea for your kitchen backsplash. Colourful Origami print compliments the black and white cabinets to paint a happy picture.

#3: Honeycomb patterns

A honeycomb pattern for your backsplash, anyone? This interesting pattern creates visual intrigue, while white makes this space bright.

#4: Copper colours

infuse your kitchens with some copper magic by getting a backsplash in this rich colour. Match it with the wall cabinets to give it a seamless look.

#5: Mosaic checks

Introduce some mosaic magic in your kitchen, with this subtle orange-tiled backsplash. Simple but elegant, it will suit any personality!

#6: Monochromatic design

A monochrome backsplash with patterns like a kaleidoscope is all you’ll need to give your kitchen some character. When paired with wooden kitchen cabinets, it turns your kitchen into a stunner.

#7: Granite backsplash

You don’t have to stick to kitchen tiles but can also go for granite as a classy choice for a backsplash. It is the balance this dark coloured kitchen needed.

#8: Lacquered glass

Take the backsplash game up a notch and add a pretty lacquered glass for your kitchen. This choice of green adds a chic look to the setting.

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