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5 Awesome Partitions Between Living & Dining areas

Every designer would agree that the living and dining areas are the most crucial spaces in a home. Nowadays, smaller apartments have resulted in having a common living and dining area instead of separate rooms. In order to create a distinction and maintain a stunning look, people are opting for partitions between living and dining areas. Here, we have curated 5 gorgeous partition designs between living dining areas from Forever Modulars

#1 Customised Laminate Partition

A great way to amp up the look of your living and dining areas is to opt for a customised partition. When it comes to stunning partition designs between living dining areas, this one steals the cake! Belonging to a 3BHK in Noida, this laminate partition doubles as a display unit and is customised with the initials of the homeowners.

#2: Wooden

One of the most classy and evergreen materials for partitions is wood. Wooden partitions look great with all types of décor styles and are easy to maintain. Stunning and functional, this wooden partition perfectly separates the living and dining areas.

#3: Contemporary and Artistic

Not everyone likes traditional and ethnic designs. Many of us live in urban apartments and prefer minimal décor styles. Above all, we look for contemporary designs that fit in with our modern apartments. This type of dining hall partition is perfect if you are looking for something artistic and bold

#4 Metal

Finally, metal partitions are a great option if you are looking for trendy choices. Both the metal framework and the bright Duco paint give it a lavish and bold look

#5 Wooden bamboos

Partition designs between living dining areas need not be larger than life and dramatic. Simplicity always wins!

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